What John McCains Budget Means

The Budget and our economy. The 2009 Budget approved is going to be 3.1 trillion dollars, with a deficit of 400 billion dollars; meaning we really only have money for a 2.7 trillion dollar budget. But the Iraq war isn't included in the budget. Actually, it just goes straight to the debt. So with the war over seas being an estimated 12 billion dollars a month, multiplied by 12 months a year, that’s 144 billion. Meaning we are running a 544 Billion dollar budget deficit, 260 billion of which we could have saved if Bush had kept the balanced budget Clinton gave him, since that is what goes to the interest of our debt alone.
Sidenote: In 2000 the budget was 1.9 trillion when Clinton left office.

Now on to John McCains budget. He wants to cut taxes, over the next 9 years, 4.2 trillion dollars. That gives us $466,666,666,667 billion dollars a year on average. Not including his plan to get rid of the AMT(Alternative Minimum Tax), subtracting another $47,777,777,778 gives us a grand total of $514,444,444,445. And as I already mentioned the government collected $2.7 trillion dollars last year, so that gives us, starting in 2010, roughly $2.2 trillion to work with. But if we think about it, our budget has ballooned to $3.1 trillion, giving us almost a $1 trillion dollar budget deficit. Now you could say ‘well, all we need to do is cut Social Security and Medicare and the budget is balanced.’ A) you must not know anything about politics cause that would be political career suicide B) do you want to be the person to tell everyone that has paid into social security the past 60 years they don't get that cash now? Yeah didn't think so. We know John McCain won't cut the Military Budget,because as he said during the debates he will call for a budget freeze on everything but the Military. So that's:
 515.4 DOD
 145.2 War on Terror
144 Iraq
38.3 State and Other International Programs(interational Aid, weapons to our allies etc.. falls under Miliatary because it has to do with our influence world wide)
+37.6 billion Homeland Security
That's 879.9 Billion dollars. With John McCains tax cuts that gives us 1.3 trillion dollars for the rest of the budget and that's just not happening.

Now I have to admit that yes, I know this is extremely boring. But I had to get that off my chest since most people are too lazy to research what these tax cuts actually mean. If you look at my sources you'll notice Barack Obama's plan will net about 200 billion dollars more every year. Making the budget short fall only 300 billion, 200 billion if we end the Iraq/Afghanistan war.

More to come.
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For those interested the budget is broken down like this:(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_United_States_federal_budget)
Mandatory spending: $1.89 trillion (+6.2% compared to 2008)
$644 billion - Social Security
$408 billion - Medicare
$224 billion - Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
$360 billion - Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending
$260 billion - Interest on National Debt
Discretionary spending: $1.21 trillion (+4.9% compared to 2008)
$515.4 billion - United States Department of Defense
$145.2 billion(2008*) - Global War on Terror
$70.4 billion - United States Department of Health and Human Services
$59.2 billion - United States Department of Education
$44.8 billion - United States Department of Veterans Affairs
$38.5 billion - United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
$38.3 billion - State and Other International Programs
$37.6 billion - United States Department of Homeland Security
$25.0 billion - United States Department of Energy
$20.8 billion - United States Department of Agriculture
$20.3 billion - United States Department of Justice
$17.6 billion - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
$12.5 billion - United States Department of the Treasury
$11.5 billion - United States Department of Transportation
$10.6 billion - United States Department of the Interior
$10.5 billion - United States Department of Labor
$8.4 billion - Social Security Administration
$7.1 billion - United States Environmental Protection Agency
$6.9 billion - National Science Foundation
$6.3 billion - Judicial branch (United States federal courts)
$4.7 billion - Legislative branch (United States Congress)
$4.7 billion - United States Army Corps of Engineers
$0.4 billion - Executive Office of the President
$0.7 billion - Small Business Administration
$7.2 billion - Other agencies
$39.0 billion(2008*) - Other Off-budget Discretionary Spending
The financial cost of the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan are not part of the defense budget; they are appropriations.(as we already discussed 144 Billion a month)

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